RHP Mechanical Systems’ design build management team consists of a project manager/engineer, general superintendent and engineering/estimating support staff. We subscribe to the following management sequence:

  • Determine if the system selection will meet the projects HVAC/mechanical budget, energy use and schedule.
  • If the submitted pricing is not within the budget, then we will start value engineering with the design team.
  • The value engineering will be managed to meet the project budget, schedule and minimize impact to other building trades.
  • Provide the team with construction cost control and scheduling information on the remainder of their design work.
  • The team will establish a pre-construction strategy and review procedure with local governmental agency issues.
  • The management team will provide compliance review in order for the flow of plan review and permitting to be in accordance with schedule.
  • The team will provide an interactive network between all major trades during pre-construction. This will allow for interpretation of scope and identify field conflicts.
  • The team will provide HVAC/mechanical equipment selection input to assure the owner a long-term support network exists for all HVAC/mechanical operation, training, maintenance and warranty.
  • The in-house design team has 3D BIM modeling capabilities.
  • The team is LEED accredited and can assist in meeting any level of LEED certification.

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